Dear customers, in addition to the physical audio media, you can directly buy our entire albums in digital form - by downloading. We'll turn this option on gradually for all titles.

By default, all titles will be able to download the popular MP3 format. As our publishing company focuses mainly on recording high-quality titles, we also offer high-definition downloads in stereo and, in some titles, 5-channel audio formats. For listeners who have high-quality sound systems, we recommend downloading high resolution 24 bits and 88.2 kHz in FLAC audio format.

And that's not all, for very demanding listeners the DXD format is intended. It is an extremely high digital resolution. Those recordings for which this version is available for download were recorded at up to 352.8 kHz and 32 bits. There are relatively few sellers of such formats worldwide. Therefore, we are happy to offer you this format. Of course also in stereo and in some titles also in 5 channel acoustic version.

Downloads are zipped and password protected. You will receive your password by e-mail after ordering.

Please share your feelings when listening to our high-definition music by writing a review. We especially recommend listening to 5 channel versions of recordings. Not everyone has a high quality 5 channel sound system at home. If you are sure to try it, we hope you won't regret it. You will feel like you are at a concert and you will experience the space in which the title was recorded.

Important Notice! Fast and stable Internet is required for downloading.