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4 Milanolo Concertos

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4 new concerts for MILANOLO and a string orchestra performed by Milan Pala and conductor Marian Lejava

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SKU: PA 0167-2-132

Introducing a double CD with a 24-page booklet containing 4 concerts for 5 string violin MILONOLO and string orchestra. The music is entirely new, it was created between 2015 and 2018. The four composers compiled it for the player on this exceptionally musical instrument MILAN PALA. The orchestra ENSEMBLE OPERA DIVERSA from Brno is conducting MARIAN LEJAVA.


ADRIÁN DEMOČ Struny: steny, zhluky, sny

concerto for milanolo and strings (2016, rev. 2018)

1 STRUNY steny, zhluky, sny 16:52


concerto for milanolo and strings (2016, rev. 2017)

2 I. „Initio“ 2:21

3 II. „Paranoia“ 6:46

4 III. „Halucinatio“ 9:01

5 IV. „Ritualis“ 4:40

6 V. „Alef“ 4:29



concerto for milanolo and strings (2015)

1 Doloroso con passione 12:44

MARIAN LEJAVA Omayra 25:04

Requiem concerto for milanolo and strings (Op. 20, 2015, rev. 2017-18)

First part (Sonata´s Exposition)

2 Introduction („Requiem aeternam“) 1:03

3 Theme A (Milan´s theme) („Kyrie eleison“) 2:27

4 Theme B (Omayra´s theme) Passacaglia 1 („Christe eleison“) 3:44

Second part (Sonata´s Development)

5 Passacaglia´s continuation („Dies irae“) 1:55

6 Passacaglia´s continuation („Tuba mirum/Rex tremendae“) 1:53

7 Sonata´s recapitulation (Milan´s theme/Cadenza I) („Confutatis“) 3:37

Third part (Adagio)

8 Passacaglia II (Milan´s theme) („Lacrimosa“) 4:39

9 Stretta of all themes („Lux Aeterna“) 4:07

10 Coda („Libera me“) 1:39

Recorded in high definition DXD format. (352.8 kHz / 32 bit)

Recording location: Konvent milosrdních bratří, Brno, Česká republika.

Recordings: Demoč and Lejava on February 24, 2018. Manolios and Irshai on February 25, 2018

Sound engineering, editing, mixing and mastering by Rostislav Pavlík for Pavlík Records

Recording producer: Matej Haász

Project concept: Milan Pala

Liner notes and Art concept: Marian Lejava

Cover and inlay photos: Julian Veverica

Graphical design: Eva Turčáková

Cover picture: Josef K. ‘Der Graus’ (1919)

Pala/Lejava trademark ‘Head’ designed by Andrea Labudova 2016

Translations: Peter Fančovič

By buying this CD you get the chance to download free version of this recording in higher quality
(5 channel stereo version in FLAC format). Here is the information:

Milan Pala

Marian Lejava

Adrián Demoč

Evgeny Irshai

Ensemble Opera Diversa

Milan Pala and Marian Lejava are both WeArtStudio artists

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


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