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Pavol Krška – Liturgical chants for Holy Thursday and Good Friday

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Choral works of contemporary Slovak composer Pavol Krška. Theme is a Christian from the period of Easter.

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Categories: Gospel
Tags: P. Krška



Holy Thursday: Mass on the Lord’s Supper
1. The introductory song:
Let us seek glory in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ 00:36
2. responsorial psalm: The cup of blessing (Z116) 1:38
3. Verse before the Gospel: Praise and honor Ti (Jn 13, 34) 12:49
4. Washing the feet 1. Antiphon 00:40
5. The washing of the feet: 2nd Antiphon 1:13
6. Washing feet: 3rd Antiphon 12:30
7. The washing of the feet: 4. Antiphon 12:46
8. Washing the feet: 5th Antiphon 00:31
9. The washing of the feet 6. Antiphon 1:16
10. The Liturgy of the Eucharist: Where is a true love 2:18
11. Singing for receiving: This is my body 00:54

Good Friday: the celebration of the Passion and Death of the Lord
Responsorial psalm 12: Father, into your hands (W31) 3:39
13. Verse before the Gospel: the Glory and praise (Phil 2: 8-9) 0:54
14. Passion according to John 24:09
15. Tribute to the Holy Cross, Lord, thy Cross pays homage 1:50
16. The first Lord’s lament 4:56
17. Second Lord’s lament 5:14

Conductor: Barbara Brosová Lipková
Jesus (bass) Martin Konštiak
Narrator (tenor): Juraj Lipka
The narrator (spoken words): Ján Demko
La Famiglia – church choir
Recording, mastering: Pavlik Records
Sound engineer Rostislav Pavlik
Graphic design: © Eva Turčáková
Photo: Miroslav Šutka
Location of the recording: parish church. Nicholas in Višňové


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