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Rostislav Pavlík - PAVLÍK RECORDS

Our publishing house was founded in 1992 by issuing the first title of Slovak folk songs. Since the early part of the recording studio outfitted with high-current recording technology. We focus mainly on capturing acoustic instruments. We have special equipment to capture acoustic music from solo instrument to symphony orchestra with a focus on exceptional quality and audio fidelity. Recording equipment is portable. Most of the titles that we published was recorded and processed by its own technology. Currently there are over 140 titles. Preferred genres are classical music, jazz and folk. Our priority since 2006 to create and publish recordings of Slovak composers performed by leading Slovak artists to show and to popularize them in the world. For this purpose, we prepared two editions: SLOVAK WORKS and SLOVAK INTERPRETS.

Recordings contain mostly acoustic music of very high quality-recorded excellent technique with a very natural sound. The recordings are created in a natural environment with maintaining the smallest detail. This music is intended primarily for audiophiles and lovers of excellent sound combined with elegance and virtuosity artists.

All our titles can also be purchased in electronic format through most popular music servers such as iTunes, Amazon, etc. …

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