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Dear customers, on this page, you will find links to samples of our recordings in various formats and resolutions (qualities) so that you can first try the specific recording variant before deciding to purchase it in our e-shop.

To play a particular format, you need to have the corresponding technical equipment. For example, if you wish to listen to music in the highest DXD format, you need a device capable of playing a frequency of 352.8 kHz. There are quite a few of these devices available on the market, and they are not too expensive. Playing a 5-channel format in the highest DXD resolution is a bit more challenging. Here, you not only need a high-quality 5-channel speaker setup but also a multi-channel device that supports the mentioned frequency. It is possible that your device can play the DXD format even if it doesn’t support the highest frequency by converting the frequency in real-time to a lower one it can handle. However, using this method won’t allow you to fully enjoy the music in the highest quality. Check the technical specifications of your audio equipment to see if it supports a frequency of 352.8 kHz. If your technical description mentions support for a sampling frequency, for example, up to 192 kHz, buying music in DXD format, which is twice as expensive, is unnecessary. A frequency of 88.2 or 96 kHz is sufficient for you. This format sounds significantly better than mp3 or Audio CD.

Sample recordings in different formats and resolutions for free testing:

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