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Printed Matters, Cases and Sleeves


We offer production of prints of all standard as well as custom-made types of prints and packaging, incl. the possibility of blind blocking, metal foil stamping (gold, silver,…), holograms, etc. Offset print is produced with the use of computer-controlled machines of global leading manufacturers.

Production of Special Printed Matters, Cases and Sleeves

Digipacks, card wallets (carton sleeves), digisleeves, boxes, sleeves
Jewel boxes, slim boxes, single boxes, multipack boxes, Amaray-style boxes, metal boxes, foam and plastic clips
Wallets of polypropylene foil (with the possibility of rear gluing or without it)
Paper envelopes with a window (with the possibility of rear gluing or without it)
Production of greetings cards with a cutout for a CD or DVD (see greetings cards with a CD and DVD)
Cellophane, foil packaging
Production of custom-made printed matters, cases and sleeve

Dimensions of printed

booklet pre Jewel box 2 sides

booklet pre Jewel box 4 sides

inlay pre Jewel box

booklet pre Amaray style

booklet pre SJB King Size

J-Karta 4 sides

inlay pre Amaray style 7mm

inlay pre Amaray style 14mm

inlay pre SJB King Size

PCD 1-A net

digipack DCD 2/1

digipack DCD 3/1-A

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