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What audio formats do we offer in our online store?

CD Audio – Physical Media:

CD Audio is a digital audio format and medium used for storing music and sound. This format uses a compact disc (CD) to store audio recordings in digital form. CD Audio is the standard format for commercial music recordings and uses a 16-bit quantization resolution and a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, equivalent to one stereo audio channel.

DVD Audio – Physical Media:

DVD Audio is a digital audio format and medium developed as an enhanced alternative to standard audio CDs. This format allows for storing audio in higher resolution and quality, resulting in a superior audio experience. DVD Audio supports multi-channel sound (e.g., 5.1 surround sound), higher sampling frequencies, and greater quantization resolution, enabling the reproduction of music in higher quality than is achievable with standard audio CDs. In our online store, DVD Audio is available on special sound carriers known as DualDiscs.

Dual Disc – Physical Media:

A DualDisc containing DVD Audio and CD is an optical disc format that combines two different sides in one disc. On one side, there is DVD Audio content with higher sound resolution and multi-channel sound capability, while the other side contains traditional audio CD content. This format allows listeners to enjoy higher sound quality in DVD Audio mode and also play it on standard CD players. DualDiscs are primarily used for music albums to offer various sound options to listeners.

LP – Physical Media:

LP stands for “long-playing” and refers to a vinyl record, a sound medium with an extended playing time. LPs are also known as “vinyl records” or “phonograph records.” They are large disc-shaped records typically measuring 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter with a center hole for placement on a turntable. LP audio carriers are analog in nature, where sound is recorded as grooves on the surface of the record. A turntable’s needle reads these grooves to create an audio signal. LP records became popular in the 20th century and were the primary means of playing music and sound before the advent of digital media. They are known for their distinctive warm sound and are still favored by music enthusiasts for their aesthetics and sound quality.

MC – Physical Media:

MC is an abbreviation for “magnetic cassette” and refers to a format for storing audio recordings on a magnetic tape within a small plastic casing. The magnetic cassette is an audio medium that was very popular in the past for playing music and recording audio.

MP3 320 kbps – for download:

MP3 320 kbps is a digital audio format that uses compression to store sound files. “320 kbps” denotes the bit rate, where a higher value corresponds to better sound quality. This format offers higher sound quality compared to lower bit rates, making MP3 320 kbps music close to CD quality but with smaller file sizes. It is widely used for music recordings and streaming.

FLAC – for download:

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a digital audio format that allows for sound compression without loss of quality. FLAC reduces the size of sound files without any loss of sound information, making it ideal for storing music in high-quality formats. When playing FLAC files, the sound is identical to the original recording, making it a favorite among audiophiles and music producers who seek maximum sound quality.

FLAC recordings are available for download in two variants:

Multi-channel sound (Surround) – for download:

“Surround” is a term used to describe a sound system that creates a spatial audio effect by reproducing sound signals from multiple speakers positioned around the listener. This system allows for precise sound localization in space, resulting in a richer and immersive audio experience. For example, a 5.1 Surround system employs six speakers to create spatial sound. The left, center, and right speakers are positioned in front of the listener, while the left and right rear speakers and a subwoofer may be placed behind the listener. This setup allows for the perception of sounds coming from different directions, which is particularly valuable when watching movies and listening to music that relies on precise sound localization. Other variants of surround systems, such as 7.1, 9.1, and more, use additional speakers for even more pronounced spatial sound.

Dear customers, please share your feedback with us after listening to our high-resolution music. We especially recommend trying out the 5-channel versions of our recordings. Not everyone has high-quality 5-channel audio equipment at home, but if you have the opportunity, we believe you won’t regret it. You’ll experience the feeling of being at a concert and immerse yourself in the space where the recording took place.

What is DXD audio format?

“Digital eXtreme Definition” or “DXD” for short, is a designation for a digital audio format developed by Merging Technologies. DXD is renowned for its high sound quality and employs a sampling frequency of 352.8 kHz with a 24-bit quantization resolution. It is one of the formats utilized for the storage and transmission of high-quality audio, frequently in the professional audio industry. DXD was created with the goal of preserving high sound quality during the digitization of analog recordings and is commonly used in studios and in the production of audio recordings for high-end music and sound projects.

What is FLAC?

FLAC is a lossless compressed audio format. In our effort to provide our customers with high-quality music, we decided to use audio format FLAC. More about this format can be read on Wikipedia. This format played computers with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. In case of malfunction of Windows you try to install this codec. If you do not play music through the computer, there are many companies that produce a variety of instruments to play music to support this format. Try to inspire. 🙂

By buying one of our CDs you get the possibility to download a free version of this recording in higher quality (5-channel and stereo versions in FLAC format). Here are the details.

How to Play DVD Audio on PC?

Did you buy one of our older titles, which includes the size of the higher ranked quality DVD Audio? Here is a short guide how you can play this format on the PC and even stereo and surround version.

Download and install this free audio player foobar2000

You should install a codec to him foo_input_dvda-0.4.11.zip

Enjoy music in the higher ranked quality as the CD.

For more information about the DVD audio can be found here:

How to Download Music for Free?


By purchasing this CD, you get the opportunity to download a higher-quality version of this recording for free (5-channel and stereo versions in FLAC format). Information at: www.pavlikrecords.sk/shop/stahovanie-hudby

STEPS TO FREELY DOWNLOAD HIGH-QUALITY MUSIC. (Available to customers who own the original CD. Available only for certain titles.)

Send an email to this address: kupon@pavlikrecords.sk
In the message, include the code located in the rectangle directly on the CD carrier. Each CD has its unique code. Subsequently, you will receive instructions from us via email on how to proceed. Please wait for our message; it may take several days.

We provide this service to our customers as a gift without legal entitlement or guarantee.

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