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Basic information

CD, DVD Duplication

Able to produce the CD and DVD pressing of very favorable prices

Our company PAVLIK RECORDS has 20 years, in addition to its publishing activities and work in a professional recording studio devoted to the production of CD pressing. During this time we managed to achieve the linkage to partner firms high quality customer service in this area, and what comforts us most is that prices for CD pressing with us to get really low to the fact that quality is increasing . Today, widespread, writers are really worth it compared the quality of the final product from 300-500pcs, you put the CD pressed rather than burned.
  • active layer of the CD is protected with transparent protective lacquer that protects the CD against mechanical damage
  • extremely high-quality color printing up to 5 CD
  • security features in the inner edge of the CD, which can help you easily identify if a is an original or fake
  • high quality and durability of stored data secure multi-level output control
  • 100% compatible with all CD players

Production of CD Media

  • CD duplication (12 cm and 8 cm/3 inch CD)
  • CD mastering (also for external customers)
  • CD label printing using the offset and screen printing process

Production of DVD Media

  • DVD duplication (DVD5, DVD9, DVD10 and 8 cm/3 inch DVD)
  • DVD mastering (also for external customers)
  • DVD printing using the offset and screen-printing methods
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