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CD Mastering


We never access or tamper with supplied data – we made no alterations to it either before or during the manufacturing process.

The media supplied by the customer and each manufactured stamper are only checked as regards their technical parameters.
This means that for the supplied media a check is made to ensure that the format corresponds to that in the order and that it can be read and is compatible for transfer to the mastering system.
As regards the completed stamper, the conformity of the data content is checked against the supplied media – this is referred to as data verification (this is not carried out for the CD-audio format).
Subsequently, for all formats, all the important parameters of the digital recording specified by relevant technical norms (Red Book, Yellow Book) are checked on the stamper, as compliance with these norms is essential to ensure problem-free reproduction and that the media can be read by all compatible players.

The supplied media for manufacturing stampers is never checked or appraised as regards content, meaning that the media is not played on any compatible player (e.g. audio CDs are not listened to, CD-ROMs are not launched or installed on a computer, so their functionality and so on is not monitored).

The production of stampers for external customers.

The processing of all standard formats supplied on CD-R, CD-RW, CD or 8 mm data band with inclined tracks (so-called EXABYTE, data in the form of CD-image with DDP files at the beginning of a cassette) recorded in the format EXB 8500 or EXB 8505.

Processing of data uploaded to our FTP server (after reception of assigned address and access code). Data must be in format of ISO or DDP image.
In exceptional cases, we can process the data also from hard disk (HDD), which can be connected via USB or FireWire IEEE 1394 bus.
Data must be written for each layer in separate directories, whereas the format must be DDP image. 
CD – masteringStandard dimensions of the stamper:
thickness 300 (+ 0 / -10) µm,
diameter of the internal hole
—25 (+ 0.013 / -0) mm,
—34 (+ 0,01 / -0) mm,
outer diameter 138 mm.

Quality source material - the first step for our express service

Media, e.g. CD, CD-R, CD-RW, supplied input media for production must not be damaged or contaminated. Therefore, please send your media in suitable packaging – preferably in its original plastic case.

When using CD-R or CD-RW as the input media we recommend that only name brands be used and exclusively from authorised distributors. If required we can provide the purchase of these products.

When making a CD-R or CD-RW recording it is necessary, if possible, to operate the CD Recorder drive at the slowest possible speed to prevent any errors occurring due to high speed recording. The recording should be made in the mode DAO (disc at once).

The type and quality of the CD Recorder drive can also have an influence on the supply of quality input media.

It is not suitable to use CD-R (Audio) recorded on a home CD.

Recorder/Players as the input medium for the manufacture of stampers.

We are always ready to help in the assessing the quality of the recording equipment and the customer’s used recording media through objective tests using our testing equipment.

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