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Bronius Kutavičius

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Married couple Katarína and Milan Paľa (violin, piano) decided to make a recording of the works of the Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavičius.

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SKU: PA 0516-2-131

Milan Pala – violin
Katarina Palova – piano
Composer – Bronius Kutavičius

Sonata smuikui ir fortepijonui | Sonata for violin and piano (1962)
01 I. Allegro con brio 07:15
02 II. Tempo di barcarola 06:06
03 III. Allegro con spirito 05:27

Sonata altui i fortepijonui | Sonata for viola and piano (1969)
04 I. Recitativo 03:19
05 II. Kanon 04:03
06 III. Ricercar 03:34

07 Crescendo for violin and piano (1971) 04:00

Nuo madrigalo iki aleatorikos | From Madrigal to Aleatoric Composition (1972)
suita smuikui ir fortepijonui | suite for violin and piano
08 Madrigalas | Madrigal 01:38
09 Baroko stiliaus variacijos | Variations in Baroque Style 01:16
10 Klasikinis rondo | Classical Rondo 01:50
11 Romantinis preliudas | Romantic Prelude 02:41
12 Impresionistinė melodija | Impressionistic Melody 01:36
13 Dodekafoninė pjesė | Dodecaphonic Piece 01:04
14 Aleatorinai sąskambiai | Aleatoric Chords 01:32

15 Perpetuum mobile for cello and piano (1979), arr. for violin: Milan Pala 08:44

16 Rhythmus-Arhythmus for cello and piano (1993), arr. for violin: Milan Pala 12:41

17 Andata e ritorno II for violin and tape (2012) 06:11

Milan Pala plays violin Bronislav et Jan Hus Bursík Filius Fecerunt Brunae Anno 2015 ‘Omayra’
Milan Pala plays viola Jan Hus Bursík Fecerunt Brunae Anno 2006 ‘Eleganza’
Katarina Palova plays Steinway D, No. 596410
Recorded at Besední dům, Brno, Czech Republic on April 1st & 8th, 2023
Recorded in high definition format (352.8 kHz / 32 bit)
Stereo and 5 channel acoustic version in DXD format available at pavlikrecords.sk
Music director: Martin Pavlík
Sound director: Rostislav Pavlík
Photos: Martina Šimkovičová
Photo of Bronius Kutavičius: Arūnas Baltėnas
Graphic design: Eva Turčáková
Special thanks to Linas Paulauskis and Music Information Centre Lithuania.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


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