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Missa Slovaca

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Mass for female choir, transverse flute, string quartet and organ

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SKU: PA 0527-2-131

Missa Slovaca
Mass for female choir, transverse flute, string quartet and organ

1 Overture 01:18
2 Opening hymn: I come to Thee 03:43
3 Lord, have mercy 01:29
4 Glory to God 02:01
5 Psalm 03:27
6 Alleluia 01:41
7 I believe in God 02:03
8 Offering: we bring, O God, gifts to the altar 02:08
9 Holy, Holy 00:48
10 Our Father 01:40
11 Lamb of God 01:42
12 Communion Hymn: With Humility I Come 04:32
13 Closing Hymn: Fear not 03:42

Total time: 30:42

Women’s choir Belius, conductor – Olga Bystrianska
solo – Jana Rajčoková Rábotová (3, 6, 10, 12), Barbora Borbélyová (3, 5), Agáta Sivčáková (3),
organ – Denisa Gibalová Kabáčová, flute – Michaela Šaálová, violin – Alena Hermanová, Marcel Berky, viola – Jaroslava Hakelová, cello – Mikuláš Tuhý www.belius.sk

Missa Slovaca for female choir, transverse flute, string quartet and organ

Premiere on 28 May 2023 at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Detva.
The Mass has 13 parts – Prelude, Opening Hymn: I Come to You, Lord, Have Mercy, Glory to God, Psalm, Alleluia, I Believe in God, Offering. The lyrics for the opening song, the offertory, the communion song, and the conclusion were written by the composer.

“When composing this Mass, my intention was to create a work in the Slovak language that could be sung during Holy Mass not only in its entirety, but also in a shortened version with a selection of certain parts. I have chosen a harmony that is easy to understand so that it fits seamlessly into the rest of the liturgical music. In the text of the final movement, one can find a parallel between contemporary man and Mary Magdalene, where others dwell on our failings, even though they themselves are not blameless. The conclusion of the Mass, “Do not be afraid, you are not alone in this,” is focused on our sinfulness, but it is also full of hope in God’s mercy, which gives us hope not to be alone in difficult situations.”

Zdenka Fekiačová Skruteková

Recorded in Sielnica, 7 – 8 October 2023, 13 January 2024, Church of the Holy Spirit
Sound direction by Rostislav Pavlík
Language arrangement: Eva Miškovičová
Photographs: Alexander Filo, Zuzana Ľuptáková, Andrej Kubiš
Graphic design: © Eva Turčáková

PA 0527-2-131 – ISRC: SK-B26

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