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Veselé ľudovky – Lúče

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Folk songs in dance style

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SKU: PA 0039-2-331
Categories: Slovak folklore

1. Si moja milá (Si moje milá, Hudba nemá čo piť) 05:07
2. Veje vetor 03:06
3. Šel jsem za noci alejí 04:24
4. Nebola som veselá (Nebola som veselá, Už som doma nebol) 04:21
5. Išiel cigáň na Čechy 02:51
6. Majka 02:23
7. V tom trenčianskom potoku 05:50
8. Za našima vinohrady 04:33
9. Krčmárik maličký 03:34
10. Cigáň (Kuda ta ulica, Ide poštár ide, Duj, duj, dešuduj) 06:05
11. Tike, tike, tačke 03:26
12. Bača zo Sliača 02:22
13. A tá naša krčmárečka 03:23
14. Anču bite (Anču bite, Povedali na mňa, Klas, klas, klas) 03:16
15. Duša moja 03:32
16. Pačtalion 02:41

Total time: 61:01


Band LUCE: Miroslav Bomb – guitar, vocals, Nicholas Mlynarčík – keyboards, vocals, arranging, Albert Maria Pongrácz – wind instruments, vocals

Music production CONTACT: tel. 044/4328953, 043/5885768, 0905 328531, 0907 148591

There are many people who liked the music group of rays, which for 25 years produces a good mood, friendly atmosphere and of course quality music at various events such as weddings, dance parties, as well as concerts. Therefore, we are pleased that we can offer part of their rich repertoire and just out of the most popular of the folk music. Quality, careful selection and ranking of folk songs that can get people to “boil” are enough to guarantee the success of this title.


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