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Violin Solo 5 – Milan Paľa

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Violin solo in the creation of Slovak composers interpreted Slovak violin virtuoso Milan Paľa. This is the fifth and the last two CD’s comprehensive complete.

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Tags: M. Paľa

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Recorded digitaly at the Mansion Burg in Považské Podhradie, December 7th-8th, 2013 • Recording, Mastering (24 bit/192 kHz), Production and Distribution: PAVLÍK RECORDS • Music Director: Milan Paľa • Sound Director: Rostislav Pavlík • Notes: © Anton Steinecker • Translation: © Peter Fančovič, Larry Newland • Photo: © Julián Veverica • Cover picture (detail): © Karol Baron, Orava Gallery Collection • Graphic Design: © Martin Vojtek

Published with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Here’s the five part of an extensive project to make all the works of Slovak artists for solo violin, which interprets the unique way the young violin virtuoso Milan Pala.

By buying this CD you get the chance to download free version of this recording in higher quality (5 channel and stereo version in FLAC format).

Milan Paľa is one of Slovakia’s most outstanding violinists. His artistic engagements are universal and his repertoire is large, with works from early musical periods to the avant-garde. Besides performing as a soloist, he is also engaged in chamber music. Paľa’s artistic creativity shows itself in the encouragement of new compositions for violin and viola. It is due to his effort that the project of recording the complete Slovak solo violin repertoire was launched. Altogether, 5 double-albums are the fruit of his encouragement, which required much time and included research work that started in 2009. The anthology is a unique publishing project within Slovak music and it pushes Slovak violin music forward into a world-wide context by its quality. The presented works clearly show the composers and their solutions and how the social and political events influenced their thinking and the esthetics of our country. The double-albums cover a wide spectrum of different types of compositions: student works, didactic pieces for children, works with refined stylistic features of musical thinking by the composers, and timeless works. The high quality of interpretation and the way of presenting these works on CD offer an unusual and complete experience for listeners.

Anton Steinecker


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