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Zarzuela Gala

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15 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Music Festival – July 2011

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Categories: Classical

Soprano ▪ Ana Carolina Diz
Tenor ▪ Francisco Corujo
Bratislava Symphony Orchestra ▪ conductor David Hernando Rico

15 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Music Festival – July 2011 ▪ LIVE

1. El Tambor de Granaderos ‒ Preludio Roberto Chapí
2. El Nino Judio ‒ De Espana vengo Pablo Luna
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
3. La Leyenda del Beso ‒ Amor mi raza sabe conquistar Reveriano Soutullo y Juan Vert
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
Tenor: Francisco Corujo
4. La Leyenda del Beso ‒ Intermezzo Reveriano Soutullo y Juan Vert
5. La Tabernera del puerto ‒ No puede ser Pablo Sorozabal
Tenor: Francisco Corujo
6. La Dolores ‒ Di que es verdad que me llamas Tomas Breton
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
Tenor: Francisco Corujo
7. La Boda de Luis Alonso ‒ Intermezzo Gerónimo Giménez
8. El Barbero de Sevilla Barbieri ‒ Me llaman la primorosa
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
9. El Barberillo de Lavapies ‒ Canción de Paloma M. Nieto y G. Gimenez
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
10. El Dúo de la Africana ‒ Dúo & Jota M. Fernández Caballero
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
Tenor: Francisco Corujo Zarzu
11. Granada Agustín Lara
Tenor: Francisco Corujo
12. El día que me quieras Gardel y Lepera
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
13. El Dúo de la Africana ‒ Dúo & Jota-BIS M. Fernández Caballero
Soprano: Ana Carolina Diz
Tenor: Francisco Corujo

Ana Carolina Diz
The Argentinian -Slovakian soprano was born in La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). She studied singing and piano, she eventually graduated as “Music and Singing Teacher”. She has regularly concerted as a soloist with both piano and orchestral accompaniment at the main halls of the Province of Buenos Aires as well as in different Argentinean cities. She has never stopped studying, taking various courses such as ”Composition and Counterpoint”, “History of the opera”, “Scenic Art and Corporal Knowledge”, “Chamber Music”, “Opera Workshop”, “Antique Music Performance”, “Repertoire”, etc. She worked on vocal technique and repertoire under the guidance of Maestro Reinaldo F. Censabella (City of Buenos Aires) till 2001. She also appeared in numerous private concerts as well as in radio and TV programs.
She was the only member selected by contest to occupy the post of soloist soprano when the “Municipal Symphonic Orchestra” of the city of Berisso was established.
She was selected by contest among a big amount of excellent young artists to take Magisterial Repertoire classes at Teatro Colón in the city of Buenos Aires with the theater’s Musical Director, Maestro Reinaldo E. Censabella.
She participated at the “Belvedere” competition (Austria) invited by the Teatro Colón Foundation itself, as well as at the “Neue Stimmen” competition (Germany). At both of them the jury awarded her special recognition.
In July 2001 the Slovak Government conferred her scholarship for a degree in Music – Lyric Singing – at Bratislava’s Academy of Performing Arts, finishing with honorable qualifications.
In the last years she completes her study on singing and interpretation with the renowned tenor M° Marcelo Alvarez, M° Peter Dvorsky, Prof. Eva Blahová, etc.
She began to sing in different Concert Halls and Opera Houses in Europe, in the Slovak Republic with “Music Centre Slovakia”.
Since then she has sung with the Bratislava Ladies‘chamber Orchestra, ViennaTechnical University Orchestra, Vienna String Chamber Orchestra, Pressbaum Orchestra, Summer Music Festival Trenčianske Teplice, Old Town Summer Festival Bratislava, International Festival Musica Sacra Nitra, International Theatre and Opera Summer Festival Zvolen, United Nations Vienna, Altes Rathaus Vienna, International Festival Tamaulipas Mexico, Slovak National Radio Orchestra, Slovak Sinfonietta, Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic, Zyklus Frauen Café Braunau , Festival des Spittelberg Theaters Wien, International Choir Festival Voce Magna, International Music Festival Las Palmas – Gran Canaria, Metropolitny Orchester Bratislava, The State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice, State Opera of Banska Bystrica, Moravian Theatre Olomouc, National Theatre Brno, etc..

The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra (BSO) was created in 2000 by the Spanish conductor David Hernando Rico; among its ranks are some of the city’s finest musicians. Bratislava is internationally renowned by its great musical output which is also greatly influenced by the nearby city of Vienna. Musicians with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra are also members of other orchestras of international renown such as the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, The Orchestra of the National Radio or The Orchestra of Bratislava Opera.
Since its creation BSO’s focus has been concerts as well as recordings. To the present date more than 500 recordings have been carried out for various recording labels, film producers and video game companies from all over the world. Among these have been Sony Music, Warner Music, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and many others. Recordings by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra have won many prizes throughout the years; among these have been the Bafta prize and the Goya prize from the Spanish Academy of Film. The orchestra has also worked with famous composers such as Hans Zimmer, Roque Baños, Lorne Balfe, Joan Valent, Brian Tyler and Michel Legrand among many others.
In the area of concerts it is worth mentioning its participation in the International Festival of Music, Theater and Dance at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) in July of 2011.

David Hernando Rico
David Hernando Rico began studying music at the conservatory of his native city, Valladolid, Spain, where he finished his studies as a teacher of piano. In 1993 he moved to Bratislava, Slovakia, to continue with his studies of piano at the Conservatory of Bratislava. Later he studied conducting of orchestra at the Music University of Bratislava where he obtained the title Master Artist in the specialties of Orchestra Conducting, Opera, and Piano Accompanist. For his graduation concert, David Hernando was invited to conduct the Slovak Philharmonic Orquestra in a concert sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Embassy in Bratislava. He was a student of Slovakia’s most important orchestra conductors among which we can count the orchestra conductors of the Slovak Philarmonic (Bystrik Rezucha), the Radio Orquestra (Robert Stankovsky) or the Vienna Opera (Victor Malek). He finished his doctorate studies (PhD.) at the High School of Dramatic Arts of Bratislava with a stipend from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he also acted as a professor at the department of Music Theory of that slovak university.
Mr. Hernando is the founder and musical director of the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. He has conducted recordings of all musical types ranging from contemporary music to soundtracks for films, many of which have won various international prizes of renown. In total he has carried out more 500 recordings for clients from Germany, USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, China and other countries. He has worked with recording labels such as Universal, Warner Music, Sony Music and Azteca Music. Of particular noteworthy has been the participation of the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra at the Festival Internacional de Música, Teatro y Danza 2011 (International Music Festival for Theater and Dance 2011) in which the orchestra performed two concerts, one dedicated to film music and the other to the Spanish dance Zarzuela.
As a guest conductor he has conducted various renowned orquestras in Slovakia among which are the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Slovak Radio, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Kosice, the Orchestra of the Slovak Chamber of Opera, the Chamber Orchestra of Zilina, Camerata Slovaca, and Capella Istropolitana. In Spain he has conducted the Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias (Principality of Asturias Symphonic Orchestra), the Orquesta de Extremadura (the Orchestra of Extremadura) and the Orquesta Real Filarmonía de Galicia (the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia). Also noteworthy has been the invitation extended to Mr. Hernando to conduct the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day concert at the National Opera of Brno in December of 2013 and January of 2014. Currently he also figures as guest conductor of the Slovak National Opera. Among other operas, in the lyrical field he as conducted: L’elixir d’more, Don Giovanni, Prodana Nevesta, Le nozze di Figaro, I Puritani.
During his entire professional career David Hernando Rico has worked tirelessly to introduce the Spanish and Latin American repertoire to Slovakia as well as to the Czech Republic. For this purpose he has conducted various world premieres such as the oratory Tanausú from the composer Paco Viciana from the Canary Islands which was performed in conjunction with the Slovak National Radio. Another such work has been the version for choir and orchestra of the Misa Criolla (Creole Mass) released by the Slovak Sinfonietta in Zilina.
David Hernando Rico is without a doubt one of world’s most renowned conductors in the field of music recording whose vast experience speaks for itself. He excels in conducting recordings for film music. His work includes recordings for composers such as: Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Brian Tyler and many others among which we also find the Spanish composers Roque Baños y Joan Valent. Among other artists he has also worked with Jean Michel Legrand, Raphael and Rocío Jurado in various projects as orchestra conductor with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.
Recording producer
David Hernando Rico has more than 15 years of rich experience as executive producer carrying out recordings for productions from all over the world. Currently he acts as recording producer for the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra with which he has done more than 500 recordings for recording labels such as Sony Music (Spain, UK, Mexico, Asia), Warner Music, BMG and others.
One of his greatest specialties is conduct recordings for film music. In this role he has worked with composers such as Michel Legrand, Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Brian Tyler, Roque Baños and Joan Valent. These recordings have won the prizes Goya and BALFA.
Noteworthy among his latest recordings is the CD with piano and orchestra recordings from the composer Fritz Brun (1879 – 1959) which will soon be edited by Guildmusic (Switzerland). www.davidhernando.eu


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