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Ej, zagrojče dudecky!

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Goral folk music from the most northerly village in Slovakia, Oravská Polhora

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SKU: PA 0169-2-731
Categories: Slovak folklore

1. Idže voda vodom 3:30
2. Ej, zagrojče zagrojče. Na grunicku. Corno jo se. Urviš 4:37
3. Kozol Poľok. Pjol byk 2:52
4. Tam nedaleko 5:53
5. Kovaľu, kovaľu 2:27
6. Špjevom jo se. Zaros mi chodnickek. Ustaly ustaly 3:04
7. Hej, bystro voda 3:13
8. Hojdana 2:44
9. Jako je to pjekne 3:19
10. Za gorami. Z Babyj gury. Teroz jek še vozigrala 3:58
11. Mom se Jašinecka 3:09
12. Gvařo ľudže. A jademe jademe 2:35
13. Pasteře, pasteře 2:59
14. Papierove botky mom. Taki še mi šuhaj 2:55
15. Goraľu 3:48

Total time: 51:13

Goral folk music from the most northerly villages in Slovakia, Oravská Polhory, was created in 2012.

The members are:
Martin Machajda – bagpipes, accordion, vocals
Tatiana Machajdová – violin, vocals
Kristina Tropeková – violin, vocals,
Tonko Štefaňák – double bass, vocals

Unites we have a positive relationship to music and traditional folk culture. Our repertoire is mainly composed Goral songs under the Babe Mountains and Pilsko, which we search and collect from the older generation, from the visual ones and audiovisual works, and by which we want to present the traditional folk culture of the Beskydy Goral, in particular those in their village. We strive preserve in traditional music stylish-interpretive characters of the Goral music with bagpipes and playing the bagpipes actively contribute to preserving Polhora bagpipe tradition.


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